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3Com® Convergence Applications Suite, the IP Messaging Module centralizes and integrates voice mail, e-mail, and fax mail so users can combine communications modes and take advantage of powerful message handling and distribution features. Designed for high availability and secure operation to minimize interruptions in business activities; the NBX (6.0 software running in SIP mode) versions feature a real-time operating system, so reliable that it is used in heart pacemakers. Selecting the right IP- PBX is an extremely important business decision.

Many products are marketed as IP-PBX's but actually offer traditional PBX architecture and IP phones. The capabilities of these systems may rely on traditional rather than IP switching, resulting in the need to purchase conventional handsets, hardware that requires two back planes with two points of failure, and processing requirements that exceed those needed by an IP-only system. These solutions may fail to deliver
economies resulting from IP benefits such as the reduced cost of adds, moves, and changes.